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Welcome to the On-line Commissioning Library

A great resource for the commissioning industry, the Cx Library houses nearly 300 articles, papers, guides, and sample commissioning documents. The Library covers a wide variety of commissioning topics and research areas, and most documents can be downloaded on the spot at no cost.

Search Instructions

From this page you can search the Cx Library in a few simple ways:
  1. Subject: Select a Subject from the drop down menu below.
  2. Subheading: When a Subject is selected, a list of Subheadings will appear. You may search with or without a Subheading.
  3. Author: The alphabetical list allows you to select a person, company, and organization.
  4. Keyword: Enter any search term to find documents that use that word or phrase in the title, publication source, or abstract.
  5. Combined Searches: Subject, Author, and Keyword searches may be combined to create a more focused search.
  6. My List: By using the "My List" feature, you can compile a list of documents from the library and then email links to these documents to yourself or someone else. You can add a document to your list from the search results page, or from the item detail page.

Email the administrator with suggestions for new library submissions or ideas for the site.

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