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CX Database - Frequently Asked Questions

What's the purpose of this database?
Who paid for this database?
How do I get started?

What's the purpose of this library?
The purpose of the library is provide current documentation, articles, guides, and publications about Commissioning. With an extensive collection of materials in one place, building commissioners, owners, designers, and others involved in the process can easily access the information they need, learn about commissioning, and employ tools for specific projects.

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Who paid for the database?
This project has been jointly funded by the California Commissioning Collaborative.

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How do I get started?

Take a few minutes to learn how the search features work. You may search by subject, author, and keyword, and by a combination of these search elements:

  1. Subject: Select a Subject from the drop down menu below.
  2. Subheading: When a Subject is selected, a list of Subheadings will appear. You may search with or without a Subheading. The screen may change, momentarily disappear, or seem to "freeze" during this process. Please be patient.
  3. Author: The alphabetical list allows you to select a person, company, and organization.
  4. Keyword: Enter any search term to find documents that use that word or phrase in the title, publication source, or abstract.
  5. Combined Searches: Subject, Author, and Keyword searches may be combined to create a more focused search. When searching by more than one element, the Library limits your search. If you wish to see more documents, try searching with fewer variables.

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Save Lists
You may create a list of documents to print or email to yourself while searching. Click on the word "add" in the "My List" column to add a document to your saved file. The My List feature saves documents during a single visit to the Library. The list will not be available if you return to the Library at a later date. To save the list for future reference, you may any of the following things:

  • Print the list by clicking on the text "Print List" on the My List page.
  • Email the list by filling in the email address box and clicking on the Submit button on the My List page.

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